Vaping is popular among people who want to quit smoking, but many others take up vaping as a hobby. If you haven’t vaped before, the process may seem daunting. Before you begin your search for the best vape kits, it helps to keep some things in mind.

In this post, we share some useful tips to help you on your vaping journey.

What to Expect as a First Time Vaper?

  • You may cough initially. That’s true even if you are a seasoned smoker. Why? Because the sensation of vaping differs from smoking.
  • You may have a dry mouth, nose and throat. And that’s normal. Some of the vaping ingredients draw water from you towards them. Drink an extra glass or two of water to avoid dry mouth.
  • Don’t vape like a smoker. This is the biggest mistake people make when making the transition from smoking. With a cigarette, you puff harder to get more smoke. But that’s not how vaping works. A vape mod needs more time to create vapour, so draw slow, long and steady puffs.

Best Vaping Kits for First-Timers

Before you can begin vaping, you will need a quality vape kit. Choosing your first vape kit is a critical decision. You don’t want to pick a system that’s too complicated or isn’t satisfying enough. There are a range of vape starter kits in the market that you can pick and begin vaping.

Here at Vape Korner, we offer a wide range of vape kits to suit every need and budget. Here are some of our recommendations for first-timers:

Vape Juice Flavours

Once you’ve picked your vaping device, you will need vape juice or e-liquid. This is another important decision. After all your vaping experience will greatly depend on the quality of the vape juice.

Be sure to look for a reputed manufacturer. Once you’ve finalised the brand, look for a flavour you will enjoy. Here are some of our picks:

Buy Quality Vape Kits from Vape Korner

At Vape Korner, we offer the complete range of vaping products from vaping kits and e-liquids to vaping coils and tanks.

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