Most people who are interested in vaping will have heard of disposable vape recently, so a big question is now asked, which one is better, disposable vapes or a refillable e-cig?

However, for those who don’t know a disposable vape is a single use e-cig, that only comes with a single flavour that once it’s run out – you just buy a brand new vape! These vapes tend to last anywhere between 500 to 3500 puffs depending on which one you buy.

They come prefilled with nic salt, anywhere between 16mg – 20mg, this means that disposable vapes usually are a very smooth vape.

So now you know all about disposable vapes, what are the pros? We’re sure you can guess that these vapes are super easy to vape. All you need to do is take it out of the box and start vaping, no need to fill up the liquid or charge the device. You also aren’t needing to worry about charging the device before leaving as there is no charging involved in this device, so once it’s dead you just need to buy a new one.

Disposable vapes also tend to be cheaper in price, they usually range from £4.99 to £8.99 depending on how many puffs you want. There is also no commitment involved, you don’t need to fork out loads of money on a new kit, and if you don’t like the flavour, it is cheap enough just to buy a new device.

Now like with anything, there are of course some disadvantages that come with disposable vapes. Even though they are cheap to buy at first, you will find that in the long run you are spending more money than a refillable e-cig. There is also no way to alter the airflow, so you may find there is a weaker draw. If you are wanting more of a throat hit, more flavours or more vapour – there isn’t much you can do about this!

Rechargeable E-Cigs

You’ve heard all about disposable vapes, it’s now time to talk about rechargeable e-cig. These are your typical e-cig, they are made up of four main parts: a battery, a tank, a vape coil and e-liquid. They come in many different styles, colours and some have more technical features.

You can tailor most parts of your vape to suit your own personal tastes, and also constantly change your liquid to suit your mood.

When it comes to rechargeable e-cigs there are many advantages to them. One is that they are definitely of a high quality, these vapes are built to last, and can be charged and refilled multiple times – as long as you look after them! They are also much more cost effective long term, and will actually save you more money compared to regular smoking.

Compared to disposable vapes, rechargeable e-cigs are a lot more eco friendly. You will use e-liquids, however these can be recycled and you won’t be throwing away the whole e cig once you’re finished.

There are a lot of advantages to buying a full vape kit, but there are few disadvantages. One of them being you have to make sure you look after your vape. This will be by filling up the liquid, cleaning after changes, charge the battery and your vape coil will need changing at times.

When you first buy your vape, you will notice there is a higher up front cost than a disposable, but you need to know that in the long run this will save you money.

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 If you are interested in buying your own disposable vape or rechargeable e cig, then take a look at our products as we have a selection of both of these vapes! And if you’re struggling to decide, get in touch and we can help!

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