While not always considered vital, vape accessories can greatly improve your experience overall. Our range of battery cases will ensure that your removable power cells are kept safe and secure, the same can be said for our dedicated kit and mod cases. We also stock a range of drip tips to control your inhale, high-tech battery chargers for safer charging and building kits to create your own coils.

Drip Tips

Drip tips are the mouthpieces attached to your vape tank. While small in size they can greatly affect your inhale, with the larger 810 allowing for a greater inhale and increased cloud, and the 510 providing a tighter inhale.

Rebuildable Atomiser (RBA) Accessories

Rebuildable atomisers have a focus on customisable elements, for a greater degree of personalisation. We offer a range of accessories that can be used to change how your favourite rebuildable vapes or looks.

Vape Building Tool Kits

Building coils for rebuildable atomisers requires the right tools for the job. Our collection of tool kits contain everything you need to build quickly and efficiently; with the more advanced kits including Ohmmeters to accurately test builds.

Vape Tank Accessories

Accessories don’t just make your vape tank look better, they can also help it perform better. From vape bands to protect glass vape tanks, to Custom 510 Drip Tips to increase or restrict airflow and even cloths to mop up unexpected spills; there’s something here for all vapers.

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